Pics of my two Poms

  1. Since everyone has been posting pics of their babies I thought I'd post a pic of mine. Say hello to Maggie and Molly!!!
  2. Hah, cute.. but I can't help the feeling that the furry fellas look like they are about to jump up and eat the person holding the camera!
  3. Awww, cute! :love: I had a friend who had two Westies named Maggie and Molly :biggrin:
  4. How adorable!

    Hi Maggie and Molly!
  5. Nice! :biggrin:
  6. Sooooo cute! I love pomeranians!
  7. oh cute! we used to have a light tan pom, Muffin, but she's gone to doggie heaven! pom's are the best dogs!
  8. Awww they are so cute!
  9. Awwwww....very cute. I wish that my apartment building allows pets.
  10. so cute! awww!
  11. They are adorable !!!

  12. That is such a cute name!:love:
  13. Adorable!!! Are they litter mates?
  14. No, they are not litter mates, but they are best buddies ..... lol:P
  15. Too cute! I love toy dogs.