Pics of my two new MBMJ Ladybugs in Rose and Indigo


Which Color is Cuter? Rose or Indigo?

  1. Rose

  2. Indigo

  3. Yay, Both!

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  1. First thought: These little mofo's are BIG! Undoubtedly, you could fit either coins, a lip gloss, a condom, a small sewing kit, pills, and whatever else in this thing! Is very sizable and in a good way. I can envision so many uses for it already and its doubly excellent because it is basically your key ring/holder so you're always going to have it handy when you need to access your little emergency stash of whatever.

    They're both VERY cute with little mini Marc Jacobs plaques inside and pretty floral lining. They kind of remind me of the Rogue Pods / Balenciaga Booby planets that so many B-Bag lovers adore.

    Please let me know which color you like better: Rose or Indigo

  2. I voted Rose, as I love the bright colour. But they are both very nice..congrats!
  3. definetely rose!!! the colour is gorgeous!! but i mean.. if u cant decide... u can always keep both/!1
  4. The Rose is definitely a red with pink in it. It is not true red (like firebird red) like I had hoped but it is still adorable! I like the blue very much too, but Im debating which one to wear first because they are both so awesome!
  5. I love the rose! I think small accessories are best when they're brightly colored!!
    (the indigo is gorgeous too. so hard to choose!).
  6. I like rose. :flowers:
  7. I like the rose too! The shade is really pretty.
  8. i voted for rose. the indigo is nice, but i like the brighter and more girly pink. are you going to end up returning one?
  9. Maybe I am just silly today, but for some reason the fact that you included a condom in the list of things the ladybug could hold really tickled me! And the sewing kit, too. Maybe it is all those things together in this small, unsuspecting cute package. Anywho, I like them both and hope that you are keeping both colors! Very, very cute! Where did you find them?
  10. Rose for me
  11. The rose is a perfect punch of color! It's very cute!
  12. I voted for the Rose stinkin' cute!! But I also love the lining of the Indigo. I didn't know these little guys had such cute linings!!
  13. rose for sure. It pops. you don't need both.
  14. I'm voting for rose also. Those are so cute! I saw them on Shopbop a couple weeks ago and thought about getting one but don't know that I'd actually use it. :o(
  15. i like the indigo color.... but i really like the inside of the Rose hehe