Pics of My Two New Gucci Bags

  1. I just received my purchases a few days ago and I am :yahoo: BOOYAH!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much to all of the gals who helped me with the authentication issues! :love:

    jag!!!!-thanks for the advice!!!! :love:
    bama!!!!-this bud's for you! :graucho: :love:

    YIPPPEEEEEE!!!! I am peeing in my pants!!!!!
    blondiebooyah001.JPG dragonbooyah002.JPG
  2. Those bags are amazing! :heart: :heart: :heart: I love the dragon line and the white bag is such a classic! What are you going to wear with the dragon bag?? You must be so excited!!!

    OMG what shoes are you going to wear! Haha.

  3. CONGRATS! I've been trying to find a WHITE Blondie, Where did you get yours?
  4. Love the blondie bag.
  5. :lol: thanks, winternight! honestly, i think the dragon bag could pretty much stand on its own and make its own statement so i'm not too worried about the shoes i could walk barefoot into a room with it and i don't think people would care about the leather on my feet compared to the dragon hanging on my shoulder ;) :lol:
  6. Love the bags, congrats!
  7. aprild, thanks! i love it too :yes: ;)

    chanelchick, i won it from ebay a few days ago :graucho: remember? you were even sweet enough to help me authenticate it (thank you!) ;)
  8. Wow, love them both! Lucky girl
  9. Woah, the dragon bag is fierce ! Gorgeous purchases. :biggrin:
  10. GTOfan, Pelinaka, ayla, thank you!
  11. awesome bags! i loveeee the white purse, especially! do you mind if i ask how much u got it for? its soo cuute :biggrin:
  12. whoadiana, thanks! i got the white blondie for $1K ;)
  13. you lucky gal!!
    you got 2 of the nicest bags from the gucci range
    that boston bag is beautifooh and so gorgeous
    and the other one from dragon line. it's just speechless. i remember the first time i set eyes on it must've been about almost 2 years and i couldn't take my eyes off it.
  14. thank you! but the dragon was let out 2 years ago????? oh boy, i'm a wee bit late, ain't i???? :shocked:
  15. Wow! Did I really? I've lost my mind..... Enjoy your bags! :biggrin: