pics of my turquoise city! sooooooo pretty!

  1. :nuts:

    i can't believe i scored a brand new turquoise city off ebay. she's so mint the price tags are still on it! they cost 1150 back then! ok she's not new, used 3 times but for a turquoise city from 2005? that's brand new to me!

    the seller was nice enough to let me pick her up at her place and i got to see an awesome collection of rare bags. i swear i must have died and gone to balenciaga heaven.

    i love love love her to pieces. :love:
    P80353.jpg P80360.jpg P80375.jpg
  2. oh my turq sista!!!:yahoo: it's gorgeous! congrats!:wlae:
  3. What an amazing bag in unbelievable condition! Congrats and enjoy!
  4. :nuts: It's beautiful!! And you look so cute with it! Congrats Fayden!
  5. thank you!!! i wish that damn light switch wasn't back there.
  6. great color and condition, congrats!
  7. The bag looks amazing and such a pretty color! Congratulations!
  8. I remember that when it was listed. It's in amazing shape, and the color still so deep, rich and saturated. Stunning!!! Congrats.
  9. congrats look a little kid in a candy store.....
  10. ohmygod!!! i know ^^^ i just can't get rid of my baby face cheeks! people still think i'm in highschool!
  11. awww fayden it's gorgeous!! im so jealous of these new purchases of turquoise '05s!! you look so adorable in that pic! haha. like a little kid after opening presents during christmas & showing off what they got! lol
  12. ikaesmallz - this is better than christmas! no one i know would get me this bag as a gift!
  13. OH SO PRETTY!!!!!
    I just bought a Navy 05 City from eBay and cannot resist eyeing on Teal 05! fayden, how can I stop this obsession? Can one blue Bbag be enough for me???
  14. Gorgeous!!
  15. Great bag Fayden! Can't wait to see her this week. Her and my new Speedy will have a play! :roflmfao: