Pics of my TJMaxx Treasure!!

  1. Here it is - my lucky treasure I found at TJMaxx the other day. If you haven't read my earlier post, this is the Michael Kors ID Satchel that's currently selling at NM, Michael Kors & Bloomingdales for $1195. TJMaxx's price - - $299!!!!! When I bought the bag, it was a little scuffed up, but I used my conditioner on the bag & it looks absolutely gorgeous! It's lined with rich chocolate colored suede and even comes with an attached change purse! The leather is so unbelievably buttery soft. I can't wait to take this baby out for a ride!!!
    1c.JPG 2.JPG 3a.JPG 3b.JPG 4b.JPG
  2. LOVE IT! And this is unbelievable!:wtf:
  3. Wow! What a deal! Great bag, just LOVE it! Congrats!
  4. Thank you very much!!! You should see some of the other stuff I found tonite (

    They had a smaller shoulder bag version of this bag in black (ID Chain Small Shoulder Bag) in black for only $199!! Just like this bag, the leather was so soft and it was lined w/black suede (I was tempted to get it to use as an evening bag!!)

    I also found a really nice Celine shoulder bag that was clearance priced at $432!! I'm gonna keep my eyes open and if it's still there on a 2nd markdown, I think I'm gonna get it!!
  5. Wow! I can find some great deals at TJMaxx, but not like that! Big Score!!!
  6. WOW great deal, congrats!
  7. You are so lucky...what a great deal!!

    Congrats and ENJOY!!
  8. Congrats on your great find, verrry pretty!
  9. I never get lucky at my TJMaxx ? Congrats
  10. :nuts: That's crazy!!! Congratulations. It looks so much better in your pics than the ones on NM. Gotta make a TJ's run.
  11. Thanks everyone! Even I can't believe I found this bag! I've found some "treasures" at TJM &/or Marshalls before (I thought the MK Astor Satchel was the best thing I'd ever find!), but nothing compares to this bag. The leather is so buttery soft and the suede lining so rich! When you set the bag down with nothing in it, it just spreads itself out, like someone once described, a "puddle" of purse!

    When I was there last night, I found a small shoulder bag version of this bag in black and just like my bag, the leather was so soft. I'm kinda sorry I didn't get that bag to use as an evening bag (the chained shoulder strap really dresses it up!). But hopefully, someone who truly appreciates it (maybe another PF'er?!) will get it.
  12. I found a few D&B's at a Marshall's once but they were all dirty and a bit gross. I don't know who they expected would pay over $100 for those crusty old things.
  13. I love the bag and I LOVE a bargain...congrats on both!!! :smile:
  14. Congrats - that really is a steal! :tup:
  15. That is a fantastic deal!!!!