Pics of my steel first

  1. Here's pics of my steel first. I've been neglecting my cornflower bag for this one since I've gotten it. (My hubby helped me with these pics because I'm horrible at taking pics! He actually almost knows now how much these bags cost!)

    The first pic is with the flash; the second is without flash, and the third is without flash in muted sunlight.
    HPIM0677.jpg HPIM0681_edited.jpg HPIM0684_edited.jpg
  2. C O N G R A T S :yahoo: I love steel... Your's almost look like there is a green undertone in these pics??

    My boyfriend knows as well... He accepts it - as he himself has an expensive 'hobby' buying instruments (Well he is actually a professional musician, so maybe it is not that much of a hobby, - but still, how many instruments does one guy need?) so he doesn't really comment on the price anymore...
  3. Wow, that's a beautiful bag!!:drool:
  4. congrats! i love that color
  5. Great pictures. Love the colour and it certainly looks good on you. Congrats!
  6. :p Haha... same here... my DH almost found out that my Aqua city cost $1195 ... I have 3 now with a fourth one coming... but each time I tell him it was on sale.
    Wrong of me to lie but he gives me too much crap for spending over 1K on a handbag. BTW Love your steel first!
  7. congrats she's beautiful! i love the first so much!
  8. Beautiful!! You look so happy!! :yes:
  9. wow, lovely! congrats! the color and size are perfect.
  10. wow i love it! congrats!!
  11. Lovely!
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. congrats! great pics! is it me or does it look like it's got a bit of a greenish tinge to it? you look great! the First actually dont look that small... is it close to the size of the twiggy?
  14. Great pics! Congrats!
  15. What a pretty colour for the First! Congrats - it looks so nice on you!