Pics of my silverado w/ matching shoes LOL

  1. Recently I won a cognac python silverado :yahoo:. I received this awhile ago and just wanted to share pictures of it paired w/ my chloe heels from 2004. It's a coincidence that they match :wlae: :wlae:

    I wanted going to take pictures w/ it on, but I haven't worn it out yet!

    Thanks to this forum, i am very addicted to chloe now. And many many many thanks to all the experts out there :flowers:, i'm much more in tuned into the signs of a fake chloe.

  2. didnt see the pics...:crybaby:
  3. hmmm, let me try it this way
    chloe silverado.jpg
  4. D&G, this is my dream silverado! It is sooooooooooo beautiful!!! I have been looking for one as SO pretty.
  5. D & G, that is one GEORGEOUS bag :yes: :love:

    So happy that you have now got your perfect Chloe :heart:
  6. Wow, that bag is to die for. I have the Silverado in olive, but this one is really wonderful..
  7. The shoes look great with the silverado! I have been lusting after that silverado for so long but never seem to have the funds when it pops up. Love love your silverado!
  8. WOW-they are both gorgeous..Love the bag AND the shoes...!!Congrats!
  9. Wow - what a fab combination - really beautiful!:love: :heart:
  10. Lovely.
  11. Beautiful. The cognac is such a lovely colour.
  12. Gorgeous!! Love those shoes :smile:
  13. Sweet!!!!!!!!!! That bag is gorgeous D&G.
  14. Thank you ladies!!!

    I've been wearing my silverado over the weekend. I love it!!!!

    Gees, i'm sooo obsessed w/ chloe. I also just bought a medium black betty from the spring summer season.
  15. I have a choc python silverado in the MP if anyone might be interested :=)