pics of my sandstone work from bluefly

  1. i decided to keep her so here she is modeling with batman! :nuts:




    the leather is extremely smooth and soft. i took her out yesterday. :heart:
    P100284.jpg P100286.jpg P100285.jpg
  2. It's beautiful! Glad you decided to keep her and Batman looks very content. :smile:
  3. Gorgeous! Love that color...and the leather on this one...TDF!
  4. Thanks for the photo - I love sandstone bags too.
  5. It's really gorgeous with the leather variation.
  6. sandy is HOT!!! i'm glad you kept her!!
  7. You are making me want one:smile: And a batman too!
  8. Y-U-M-M-Y!!!!!:drool::drool:

    I love the leather makes this bag one of a kind!:tup: The bag is too big for Mr. little Batman....?:graucho:
    And I love your batman:heart: It's sooo cute!! Now I've got to get my hands on one of those bad boys along with Dracula:cutesy:
    I've got a Ninja hanging from my Cafe Work:rolleyes:

    Presenting a long-lost brother of your Batman.....Ninja!

  9. Gorgeous!!! :drool:
  10. Fayden, your sandstone is a beauty! Congrats!!! Batman's cool too:supacool:
  11. aw, batman is so cute, where did you buy him?

    congrats on the bag! ;)
  12. the SS looks great actually! its good you decided to keep it coz not many of these around anymore! and of course Batman is ultra cool addition as guardian to make sure no one will steal your SS from you!
  13. u got this from bluefly? Wat a steal....she's gorgeous....congrats!
  14. I think your bag is lovely - I'm glad you kept it. Batman is very cool too - you have great accessories.
  15. i want to get some more of these too! they are just too darned cute. your bag looks lovely!