*PICS* of my Sandstone Day

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  1. This post is so overdue due to my busy schedule with all the craziness at works and my brother's car accident. Around late June, I was looking everywhere around the world for a RH Sandstone Day. Later on after I saw Nanaz’s and Karenab’s Work, I love the GGH combo on Sandstone. I decided to try on a Giant hardware plus a little something different in my collection. I thank for all the helps from sweet ladies & gents within this community that I finally be able to score this beauty . My heart jumped out of :heart:double joys when I found this bag :heart: . Finally when this beauty was delivered to my office :nuts:... oh you can't imagine how excited I was. I just love the soft & smooshy leather of the bag. And the once looked so Giant on the bag... just appeared to be so complementing on the color. Let me present her to you :drinkup:
    Full Day.JPG Close up Day.JPG No Flash Day.JPG
  2. Oooh I do like sandstone, ever since an amazing comparison pic of neutrals by powderpuff. Congratulations, and I hope your brother is well on the way to recovery.
  3. It's gorgeous! I have a sandstone City with rh and I love it.
    Congratulations! It's beautiful :tup:
  4. I Love it! The Day w/ GH is gorgeous! I might need one!!;)
  5. Just Lovely.. :love: cOngrats~!
  6. Thank you kymara, powderpuff, luv2live & Oogiewoogie.
    Day is so spacious. It just fit in my needs to carry from diaper to DS for my kids.
  7. gorgeous! sandstone looks great with the GGH
  8. [​IMG]
    Really lovely!!!! Congrats!!
  9. There you are girlie. I was waiting to see your gorgeous bag.:graucho: I am so happy for you. :yahoo:You waited so long and you deserve it.:yes: Congrats and wear it in a good health.:yahoo::heart:
  10. one of the most gorgeous GGH combos yet I must say! congrats!!!
  11. The leather is TDF and color combo is just beautiful. Congrats
  12. I love sandstone!!! Congrats!!!
  13. Love this combo!!
  14. Yep Nanaz, isn't she just so adorable. And you do not know on every calls I've made to all the stores in Europe, Japan oh just so frustating. I wear that bag with so much pride and happiness. Thank you so much
  15. Thanks ally for blowing out the picture...you're the best.