Pics of my Sage MAM

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  1. here are some pics of my Sage MAM.. I love this bag and the color is very unique...

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  2. I sooo love that bag and really wish I could find one!
  3. The color is beautiful, I was looking for this bag too, and in the end settled for the makeup bag in Sage stamp (for the mean time atleast)

  4. wow..where did you find a Sage MAM? I have been looking for it...
    I ordered a Sage MAB a couple weeks ago from Bluefly...feel that the bag is too big...but love the leather and the color of the Sage..wish it was a MAM...
  5. i actually got it for xmas.. but never posted any pics. i ordered it from label 360... i do love this bag and the color is different and very neutral. it goes with everything.. i would check on ebay cause i always see them post some sage bags!! :smile:

  6. gorgeous!!!
  7. WOW that is a stunner!!!
  8. sage is one of the best colours RM made IMO :love:
  9. Your bag looks great!
    I have a Sage Mam as well. It's my favorite bag, the leather gets softer and more silky, and right now, it has a soft sheen to it. It matches everything I have in my wardrobe.