pics of my RM family!

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  1. this is just a big puddle of fun! :yahoo::woohoo::wlae::wlae::wlae::wlae:

    Back/blue stamp mam.
    dusty mam
    Saddle/choc matinee
    chocolate/burgundy matinee
    sage nikki
    night blue nikki

    I'm done until fall! I need that bright lipstick to add to this family.:woohoo:

    Attached Files:

  2. Wow, i love your collection!
    The chocolate is sooo YUMMY
  3. WOW! Great collection.
  4. Your collection looks divine! Wowowow!

    :drool: @ the night blue nikki. Is it as soft as it looks?
  5. great collection!
  6. Beautiful!!
  7. That Sage Nikki is TDF!!! Loving the black/blue stamp MAM too!
  8. Your collection is KILLER! I love every single bag, especially the Night Blue Nikki, the floral stamp MAM, and the dusty mam!
  9. I love your collection!
  10. your night blue looks like a gorgeous blue, unlike the purpley blues i've seen. does yours have some purple undertones as well?
  11. Gorgeous collection!! You've made some great choices!
  12. actually the night blue just depends on the light. I think it's actually more purpley, but DH thinks it's more blue. I guess it's just whatever you want it to be. I see the purple cause that's what I like.
  13. What a beautiful family!!!
  14. gorgeous~ i'm loving the saddle matinee~
  15. beautiful family! I love how you have the perfect two of each!