Pics of my RM dream-come-true: grey matinee!!

  1. Well ladies, I've been incredibly fortunate to learn firsthand that holy grail bags CAN be my case, all thanks to my dear friend and tPF angel (you know who you are! xox) - who knew that the grey matinee with silver HW was my HG, and who went to extraordinary lengths to help it make its way to me - I now have it!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    As soon as I took it out of the box I was a goner - the leather and suede are just perfect, so soft...I can't stop touching it! (fellow RM bag molesters, you know what I mean :jrs:)

    Here are some shots of it, I took them inside so please pardon the flash (and my curious dog)... DH doesn't even bat an eye anymore when I ask him to take modeling pics hehe
    IMG_2414edit.JPG IMG_2415edit.JPG IMG_2417edit.JPG IMG_2420edit.JPG IMG_2421edit.JPG
  2. **************I LOVE IT********************:yahoo::yahoo:

    Such a rare color, and I love that silver hardware against the dark gray leather! Congratulations!
  3. Its a very gorgeous and unique color! Congrats! =) I'm glad you found your HG. Its such a great feeling!
  4. i love it!
  5. Congrats!!! :biggrin: You look fab!
  6. Congrats! :woohoo: Fab bag and it looks great on you! Wear it in good health. Bet it must feel like you're on cloud 9 being able to track down that HG! :nuts:
  7. I am green with envy. Gorgeous bag! :smile:
  8. Congratulations!! It looks perfect, chic and classic! Makes me want to steal a touch :p
  9. congrats! enjoy your new baby! its absolutely BEAUTIFUL! wish i could find one :]
  10. That Matinee and you were meant to be together!!!

    The gods must be watching over you.....and you look like a Goddess wearing it!!!

    Congrats Girl!!! That handbag :angel: is mighty special too.......whoever they are. LUCKY You!!!
  11. ^Contessa, is that Bon Jovi in your av?!?
  12. Beee-U-ti-ful! It looks great on you! Pictures like that make me think, "Maybe it's not too big for me...."
  13. Congratulations! It's so chic and it really suits you.

    I love the dog peering at the camera in the last picture.
  14. wow, such a beautiful color! :drool: it looks great on you! your'e dog is adorable, btw :heart:
  15. So chic! I love gray bags. Congrats on finding your HG.