PICS of my recent Chloe bags!!

  1. My latest Chloe purchases!
    •pic 1: Edith royal blue hobo
    •pic 2 & 3: Edith ecureil (whiskey) messenger satchel with a Coach charm. I removed the strap for now.
    •pic 4: Betty matelot wallet

    I love these bags so much!! I am currently carrying my Edith satchel to break it in.
    edith_blue copy.jpg edith_whiskey.jpg edith_whiskey2.jpg bettywallet.jpg
  2. :tup: CONGRATS! They are gorgeous!!!
  3. Nice work! You have a gorgeous collection!!!!!
  4. Beautiful! The Edith Satchel is my favorite, I'm lusting after one right now. One day...........
  5. Love the blue of your edith hobo, so rich....
  6. oooooh somebody has been busy ;)

    gorgeous choices, you did really well.

    Enjoy using them :smile:
  7. great collections, congrats.
  8. congrats On A Great Collection!!!
  9. You have a great Chloe collection - I've never seen the hobo in that shade of blue. Very nice!
  10. Great buys! :tup:

    I really like the Blue Edith Hobo :heart:
  11. Blue Edith hobo is so pretty!
  12. I love it... its totally cute. :smile:
  13. Love the blue color of your hobo,wish they made the edith satchel in that color.
  14. Congrats on your purchases. I like the whiskey Edith the most.
  15. Gorgeous collection!!!! :tup: Especially love the Whiskey EDith! :drool: