~*Pics of my Quarzo Veneta!*~

  1. I am really loving this color! Here's my new quarzo veneta and my small BV collection :party:
    pink-a.jpg bv family-a.jpg
  2. Gorgeous, just love how the pink pops! Makes you feel so cheery looking at the colour. The Noce is beautiful too. Good choices - trendy and classic with a twist. Congrats!
  3. Oh wow how gorgeous is that pink!!!!! Congrats and have a very cheery pink day wearing that bag!
  4. Love this bubblegum pink!!!
  5. love it......
  6. Just gorgeous! And so striking and cheerful. Looks great against the browns, too. Enjoy it!
  7. Nice family! Congrats!
  8. Congrats:tup: your new veneta is gorgeous:drool: what a beautiful collection you have
  9. wow, i really love the colors you picked, noce and quarzo are among the most beautifl bv colors! congrats!
  10. wow gorgeous bags! congrats
  11. That is beautiful :smile:
  12. Thanks everyone! I removed the bluefly tag and am using it today! So happy! :yahoo:
  13. So pretty! I had a medium Veneta in Quarzo for a short time, but it was just too small for my frame. Wonderful color, tho. You have some really nice things in your collection! I always love seeing what others have-thanks for sharing.
  14. wow.. congrats!
  15. You have some beautiful BV bags in your collection!