pics of my petrol elise and a surprise for my mom!

  1. here are the pictures of my new petrol elise. the color is gorgeous. i love this bag! i am so happy i got it. thanks again for the encouragement and good advice, ladies!

    i also attached photos of the black stam my boyfriend bought for my mother as a belated christmas gift. i had briefly mentioned how i planned on buying my mom one since she loved my berry stam so much. a week later, i got a package from eluxury. he didn't know her address, so he couldn't send it directly to her. i'm still in awe. it almost brought me to tears. she's coming down to visit me next weekend, so she's going to be amazed when she sees how generous he is. you know you have an amazing bf when he's good to not only his mother, but yours!
    petrol elise.JPG petrol elise interior.JPG black stam.JPG
  2. OMG!!! That is one breathtaking bag!!! The color is gorgeous (inside and out)!!! Congrats on your Petrol Elise!!! I am glad you are so happy with it!:drool:

    And the Stam from your BF to your Mom is so sweet! You have a very special BF!!! What a great day!! :yes:

    ps-I think it's time for a collection post! I know I am dying to see all your beautiful bags!!
  3. What a gorgeous bag! I love the elise! congrats on your new bag.

    And wow, your BF is awesome! Your mom is going to be thrilled with her new stam! Lucky ladies!
  4. Wow!! That Elise is beautiful. I've never seen Petrol in person...would you say it's blue/green (more blue than green) looks so rich and gorgeous and the brown suede looks great against it. Congratulations on a nice bag!!!

    And wow, what a great bf you have...that was very generous of him. He sounds like a keeper!!

    I second staciesg26, please post your collection...:yahoo:
  5. thanks, guys!

    well, to me, it seems like there's a bit more green than blue, but it's definitely not as green as my teal alyona. i'm really terrible at describing colors. :shrugs:

    i will try to post pictures of my collection this weekend.
  6. omg! wut a thoughtful gift!

    and congrats on that elise bag! i've always liked elise. it looks nice and is roomy too.

    u have a berry stam! yummy!
  7. gorgeous! and what a sweet bf. aww that is beyond cute.
  8. The petrol is an amazing color, and it looks wonderful on your Elise! Congratulations!

    And what a sweet BF you have - does he have any brothers? :graucho: (J/K, but seriously - how thoughtful!) You will have to update us on your mom's reaction when she receives the Stam!
  9. BEAUTIFUL!! :love::love:Petrol is definitely one of the best MJ colors ever. Congrats Kim!! I'm so happy you decided to get it!

    And holy cow! How amazing is your BF?!!! Your Mom is going to LOVE her new Stam! :nuts:
  10. I love the way petrol looks.

    Your bf is sooo very generous. My bf wont even buy ME purses! :p He's a keeper! :tup: ;)
  11. WOW.

    She is freaking GORGEOUS. I'm in love.

    Huge congrats to you, and good choice on deciding to get her.

  12. Petrol elise is sooooo gorgeous!!! Congrats!
  13. Your BF is so sweet!
    How does your mom like the MJ?

    Your Elise is so pretty - the topaz color is just beyond amazing!
  14. wow ::picking tongue up off floor:: its really gorgeous kim! and btw, did you mention to the bf that my birthday is coming up this month? ahem:graucho:

  15. You bag is TDF, the color is so lush and vivid. Congrats!

    Your BF is a KEEPER, but you know that already. Congrats again.