Pics of my outlet trip

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  1. I'm finally getting around to posting pics. I'm really happy with what I got.
    We were in Branson for 3 days and on the last day I looked up really high in a section that I had been ignoring and seen the ponytail scarf tied to a bag. I made DH get the bag down and I grabbed it, that's why it's so wrinkled. I'm not too worried about it, I will have it tied to mine soon enough. :graucho: oh yeah, it was on clearence, got it for $15 and some change.

    I picked up a lot of stocking stuffers too, but no pics of those, my family snoops...haha!


    The wallet is full in the pic, that's why it looks mis-shapen. The koi I really love, but they put a gold colored fish on a silver ring...:confused1:

  2. Wow I have to go to the outlet! I need some scarves!

    And that's cheap!

    Cute stuff! I love the wallet.
  3. Cute stuff !
  4. Nice haul! Congrats on your finds!:tup:
  5. I love that wristlet!! I wish my outlet has better items like yours. Congrats!!
  6. Nice haul. I really like the stuff you got.
  7. Wow! Beautiful stuff! May I ask how much the basket was at the outlet?
  8. Wow, I can't believe that stuff is at the outlets! I love the lining on the basket, and the ergo wristlet is too cute! Thanks for sharing pics!

  9. Thanks everyone for the nice comments.

    I got it for $119.00 after the 20% off.
  10. ooh!! I have been looking for that scarf at my outlet to no avail. congrats on your goodies!
  11. thats one popular fishy love the scarf!!
  12. Only $119!!!!! Oh, man, this is tough. I'm trying to stay away to save up for my Carly and Ali, but this is so tempting!!!
  13. Wow! Great finds! I especially love your new wristlet:yes:
  14. Oh how I love that straw handbag. I walked around the outlet with it on Friday. I put it back because I have been shopping my brains out :wacko: and I thought I could live without it. Looking at yours makes me want to jump in the car...must resist! Congrats on great finds!
  15. Woo woo!! :choochoo:

    Nice haul :smile: