Pics of my newest loves, Red Bordeaux GST & matching wallet!

  1. I just got my newest loves, the Red Bordeaux GST and matching wallet!:love:

    Probably my last purchase for a long time...:crybaby:
    BUT I'll be HAPPY for a while!

  2. Congrats! I have another bordeaux GST sister!

    The matching wallet is really cute.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  3. CONGRATS!!! i've been waiting to see the new bordeaux GST and it isnt what i expected but it is truly amazing. does it come with gold hw?? and your wallet is tdf also. if i were you, i would be happy for a long while! hehe
  4. CONGRATS!!! Doesn't it feel great to get new goods? OH YESS!!!!
    Great choices.
  5. omg i NEED a gst... errr i'm going to be so broke by the end of this year lol

    beautiful bag and wallet!!
  6. congrats
  7. Gorgeous... the Bordeaux is really pretty IRL too! :heart: Congrats on the new GST and wallet, and enjoy using your new babies!! :yahoo:
  8. Congrats! Awesome pickups and colour.
  9. congrats - what a beautiful set =)
  10. The Dark Bordeaux GST is my newest love also. Beautiful!
  11. Beautiful set! Congrats & enjoy. =)
  12. Lovely! I'm sure they will make you happy for a looooong time!
  13. That is a beautiful set! Congrats and enjoy them!
  14. ooh lovely! the colour looks so rich and yummy. Congrats!
  15. I thought I posted here already but anyways.. LOVE the bordeaux set. Congrats!