Pics of my newest addiction - Christian Louboutin!

  1. I have a dangerous new addiction to Christian Louboutin shoes! I bought the boots last week and just received the Bruges pumps today. I am in love with both of them!! Thank you for allowing me to share my excitement :yahoo:







  2. Oooh!! Congrats!! they are both beautiful!!!!
  3. woo hoo - where did you get the cool Bruges (hee hee)
  4. :lol:
  5. Thanks!!
  6. Welcome to the addiction! Do you have any CL espadrilles? That's where mine started.

    How cool is that red sole - LOVING IT!
  7. I have the brown pumps... aren't they great!!
  8. I don't actually have any of the espadrilles. These two pairs are the only ones I have so far. I think the espadrilles are really cute, but since Fall is fast approaching I don't think it would be worth getting them this year...

    And you're right, the red sole is amazing!
  9. Yes!! Have you worn yours yet? Do you find them comfortable?
  10. OMGoodness those pumps are TDF!!

    Beautiful choices!
  11. Thanks Swanky! I just hope I don't break my ankle (or neck for that matter) in them!
  12. They are both beautiful......enjoy!!
  13. They are both so gorgeous, congrats!
  14. I looove them ! You're always so stylish ! :yes:
  15. Both of these shoes are hot!!!!