Pics Of My New Whiskey Leigh

  1. Hi everybody, I know there have been some pics on this forum of Leighs, but I wanted to share mine too. For reference, I'm 5'5". Some of the modeling pics are blurry, but I included them to give others a reference for how big the bag is - it's big!

    I love this bag! Love the shoulder strap. The zip pocket on the back of the bag is perfect for keys, the small turnlock pockets on the front are perfect for my cell phone.

    Although I must say, the whiskey color is a lot darker than I thought it would be. Maybe I'm used to seeing natural and thought it would be lighter.
    leigh front.JPG leigh on arm.JPG leigh on shoulder close up.JPG leigh on shoulder distant.JPG leigh on shoulder.JPG
  2. The Leigh looks terrific on you. I love it in whiskey. Is it heavy?
  3. OH that is so gorgeous!!! Congratulations on your amazing bag!!! :yahoo:

    I :heart: that whiskey color!!! :drool: Look like it will hold a lot too!
  4. Thanks guys.

    Becca, It's definitely got a little weight to it, but it's not that bad. I carry a legacy satchel regularly, and it feels a bit lighter than that bag.
  5. Gorgeous!!! I love it- thanks for posting.
  6. It looks terrific on you. :smile: Thanks for posting the pictures!
  7. oh wow! they changed the whiskey! I didn't know! I like that way more than the old whiskey. Luckily for me I'm broke and therefore won't be running out to buy that bag like the peudo-baller I aspire to be.
  8. Stunning!! :drool: Leigh is my must have bag this season. I hope she's still around during the next PCE!!! Congrats! It looks great on you!!
  9. That color is AMAZING! I feel like I can smell the leather through my computer screen. :shame:
  10. That looks great on you! Congratulations!
  11. I think the whiskey is my favorite color in this bag. Congratulations! It's beautiful!
  12. Gorgeous bag!! Congrats!!
  13. Your bag is gorgeous! Enjoy carrying her! Congrats!
  14. Oh so pretty!! I wanna touch it!! lol
  15. So pretty! It looks fantastic on you