Pics of my New Vinyl Cabas!

  1. Just got this in today. I love it. Its a lightweight, trendy, flashy, killer bag. It holds so much I could actually use this as an overnight bag. This is my daughter modeling. She is a size 10 5'3" for reference.

    I just adore it:
  2. gasp! you did it!!
  3. It looks great on her! Are you going to let her borrow it? :lol:

    That is a fabulous bag, isn't it?
  4. Very hot! :love:
  5. wooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that is a hot bag!!
  6. Uh not at 12! LOL She does however enjoy modeling my bags, but that is the extent of that!
  7. Holy *hit fire girl!!! I love it!!!!!!!! (now go find me a beige one!!) lol jk
    P.S If I wear black when we go to Atlantic City...can I wear that??? I will put all the money we win in it and after a few drinks you can carry me to our room in it! LOL
  8. LOL I dont think it came in any other color besides black? Am I wrong??
  9. I love this bag:drool::drool::drool:
  10. Congrats Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You can totally rock this bag!
  11. Selena, another gorgeous Chanel bag! Have you now converted from LV to Chanel? LOL!
  12. ^Kind of (is that wrong?)
  13. Very nice girl! Congrats!!!
  14. I love this bag !!!
    Congrats Selena !!!
  15. Girl, not at all! That is all but soo RIGHT!!! :smile: :heart: