PICS of my new Timeless Classic Wallet - Metallic (glazed) red!

  1. Thought i would share this with you girls! I have been after this for a while. Won this on eBay a few weeks back. Family picture included!

    I am also hoping to get the dark red 2.55 - i think this might be red overload don't you think? (i really want a bleu fonce!) :drool:

    Enjoy :love:
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
  2. Not red overload at all! I loveeee the color of the wallet.

    Is that the llama skin wallet?
  3. ^ i believe it is, from the cruise collection :smile:
  4. Love it!
  5. [​IMG]




    Congrats to ur new metallic red wallet, the color is HOT:tup:

    Not forgettin ur red med flap, my HG bag (which i'm still soughtin after..sigh).

    Personally, i feel that it's a bit too much red, u shld go after a blue fonce if u can find one then. If not a darker red, IMO:flowers:
  6. yes i think so too! i think my plan is to see if i can get a dark red 2.55 first, and if not, i will just buy a metallic navy or black 2.55. and if i do find one, i'll probably sell the wallet :smile:
  7. What absolutely lovely pieces! Congrats on the wallet, it adds to a beautiful collection!
  8. Love it, congrats!
  9. wow, they're all so gorgeous!
  10. i stopped breathing when i saw ur red flap. OMG!!!!!!!!!! beyond gorgeous!! why can't i find one!!!!

    congrats on the wallet! :smile:
  11. No overload at all! I think it is lovely! Love that sheen it has!
  12. Very very nice....I don't think it's red overload at all - both reds are different and one is a wallet.
  13. love the wallet, congrats!
  14. It wouldn't be a red overload. You can never have too much red Chanel!! :graucho:
    I love the wallet, it's soo darn cute! Congrats!
  15. LOVE your wallet!!! You can never have too many red Chanels hehe