Pics of my new Tano

  1. I just got my Tano Stevie Kicks in navajo white, and there have been so many threads asking about the Tanos that I thought people would want to see pictures. I took a close-up of the edges, which I do consider to be unfinished. They're what bothered me most about the crunch leather bag. However, they don't bother me a whole lot on this bag because the leather is different and because I was looking for a more slouchy, casual white bag. I really like this bag. I also included a picture of my sweetie pie :heart: :heart: with the bag so you can see the edges from farther off. I think they look better on this bag than on the crunch leather personally.
  2. Your baby is so, so cute and adorable!!! :yes:

    Thank you for sharing pics of your new Tano bag. I really like it! Enjoy!
  3. very pretty congrats!
  4. Oh My...thanks for posting the pics. I have to be truthful. I think the unfinished edges look horrid. I just got my Minilisa in Crunch and all the egdes are finished. I have 2 more on the way. If either has unfinished edges, it's going directly back.

    Maybe the designer thinks it looks cool or edgy but it just looks awful to me. Your sweet baby does make the bag a little better though :smile: .
  5. I want a Sweetie Pie!!!!! Where did you order her from???
  6. And how much is the sweetie pie, I want one of those. She's adorable. Oh and congrats on the bag.
  7. Your baby is so cute, does she come with the bag? Its a gorgeous bag, congrats!
  8. Both the bag and the baby or gorgeous!
  9. Your baby is adorable; I much prefer her to the bag, although that is cute too! It looks like sweetie pie approves the bag :smile:
  10. Uh oh, your daughter seems to really like bags already! You're in for trouble when she gets older. :biggrin:

    Congrats on the new bag.
  11. [​IMG]

    that is the cutest thing i've ever seen!

    that bag is delish as well but the baby is TDF!

  12. I hear ya. When I saw the unfinished edges on the Bottle Blonde (which has crunch leather), I went :yucky: . I thought it looked super cheap, and back it went! They don't bother me so much on this bag, but I have to say that I wish they were finished and it has affected my opinion of the bags in general.

    And thank you all for your sweet comments on my tiny person! I'm in love with her (of course)!
  13. They both look cute!
  14. Looks a little like the Botkier Sasha duffle (the purse). The girl looks like a little angel.
  15. Aaaaw, both are adorable, congrats!