Pics of my new steel city!

  1. Hi folks! Here are pics of my new steel city from Aloha Rag. It's much bluer in person. I really love it (this is my first!), but noticed that some TPFers weren't too happy with recent bbags received from AR. Does this bag look alright or should I consider exchanging it?

    Also, how would one describe it? Would you say this is veiny and wrinkly? Or crinkly?


    IMG_1226.JPG IMG_1229.JPG IMG_1234.JPG IMG_1238.JPG
  2. Turtle it looks fabulous. The leather looks thick and yummy. :p What matters is that you "really love it". I say first impressions are really important...if it was love at first sight...go with it. CONGRATS!!!
  3. Turtle- i agree with blessings, the leather looks so thick and smooshy. I dont think its veiny. Its a fab color!!

  4. Congradulations!
    She's a beauty, I love everything about your new bag, the color, the leather, the shape ect... It's perfect
  5. oh... the leather looks really yummy! congrats! I just hope my future Plomb City GSH will look at least as yummy as yours! congrats again!
  6. Wow, looks like thick smooshy leather. Congrats!!
  7. wow, I love the color of this one. The leather looks fab!! Congrats!
  8. Congrats! Love the leather:heart:
  9. Congrats on your first bbag. The leather looks really thick and soft.
  10. So gorgeous:smile: I love the colour, and the leather looks really smooshy.
  11. Beautiful bag - I love the steel color! Enjoy!
  12. Oh my, your bag is gorgeous! Congrats :tup:
    I agree with everybody: the leather looks great and smooshy-wooshy to me :heart: :heart:
  13. I love it!!! I want a steel first.. but that pic makes me want to get a steel city!! ahhh.. can't decide.:noggin:
  14. your bag is very pretty. congrats!
  15. [​IMG]

    I see a combination of everything I want in a Bbag....thick, smooshy, rumpley, velvety leather and such a pretty color. I don't think it could get more perfect than this! Congrats! :tup: