pics of my new speedy 25...

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  1. hi girls. here are a few pics of the speedy i got for my birthday. though i'm not sure if it's real. i didn't want to ask my aunt about its authenticity because that would've been insulting. can you guys tell me if it is?



  2. Cool
  3. The font looks wrong to me.
  4. Font doesn't seem quite right..
  5. Tab looks a little long ?
  6. The font looks off to me, and I agree with ayla about the tab being long.
  7. Would you happen to know who or where your aunt purchased it from?
  8. :blink: the font looks odd...
  9. :worried: no, i don't know where my aunt got it from. it came in a LV dust bag and shopping bag. it does look kinda funny to me. i've been comparing it the tag with some others and it does seem kinda long. *sighs*...oh well. i guess it's not my first real LV.
  10. Congrats!
  11. pull tab looks uneven and too long to me .. :sad: