pics of my new Rouge Vif Classique!

  1. I took these with my phone camera and tried to get the colour as close as possible to the natural colour. Tis hard, it changes in different lights!:heart:
    DSC00084.JPG DSC00086.JPG DSC00087.JPG
  2. Simply gorgeous - Congrats!!!!!
  3. Beautiful! Congratulations!
  4. Such a beautiful color, congrats!
  5. Beautiful !!! Congrats and thanks for share with us !!:P
  6. That's what I love about Bbags- the color differs in different lighting! It so STUNNING!!!!:love: ENJOY!:yahoo:
  7. beauty!! congrats and thanks for the pics
  8. Wooow another beautifu Rouge Vif First !!!:love:
  9. wow that is so beautiful. congrats!
  10. What a beauty! :love: Congrats!! :yahoo:
    Your camera phone is great! If I ever tried that with mine, all I would get is a blurry mess! :P
  11. :supacool: YES! another rouge vif! just simply YUMMY!!! :yahoo:
  12. Gorgeous! Your rouge vif first is breathtaking! CONGRATS!
  13. Great choice, it's a beautiful, beautiful bag!

    I wish you well,

  14. That is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!!!
  15. Beautiful! I fell for that color too. :yes: your phone takes amazing photos-wow.