Pics of my new Rolex midsize!

  1. Here's the new addition to my rolex collection. I love everything about it. :yahoo:The size is so perfect!
    rolex midsize1.JPG rolex midsize3.JPG rolex midsize bracelet.JPG rolex midsize4.JPG
  2. LV gal,

    That is a hot watch! My wife wears one very similar for everyday! Rolex is a perfect watch here in Florida because of how much we are around the water! Wear it in good health!

  3. Thanks Sean! Im so crazy about it I may just sleep with it on tonight LOL :roflmfao:
  4. Beautiful watch, congratulations!
  5. very nice...congrats!
  6. congrats is looks great on you!!!
    I love your Yorkie, in your avatar,I have one too!!
  7. Haha, I sleep with my watch on everynight! My watch isn't even a Rolex. I say if you want to sleep with it, sleep with it! It looks great on you btw.

  8. I love it.. it looks great on you! Enjoy!!
  9. Congrats! I love your watch, I have a midsize also and find its the perfect size!x
  10. Its awesome! Wear it in good health!

    I wanna get one too! I went down and was deciding between the datejust and the new air king. I also went to check out the chanel J12. Still deciding for me.
  11. Lovely! congrats:tup:
  12. Post pics as soon as you get one! I suggest the datejust though. I was debating between the datejust and airking but the SA and 3 other customers at the store suggested the datejust. They said it makes a rolex more distinct. The J12 is to die for:drool: Sigh. Cant wait for next year to come til DH gets me one too. If money wasnt an issue, I would have gotten the J12 but DH prefers the midsize for now. He's always been a rolex believer when it comes to quality and prestige.
  13. Thanks! I adore my yorkie! He was checking out my new watch and couldnt sop sniffing on it. I think he wants one too LOL:roflmfao:
  14. It's beautiful.
  15. congrats.