Pics of my new Rolex + Ebel & R Weil

  1. Here's a pic of the pre-owned Rolex I bought at Tourneau last weekend. I really LOVE this timepiece. I've been wanting this exact one for quite some time, and now I finally have it. Yippee:yahoo:


    Here are pics of my Ebel timepieces. I love these babies too!


    Here's a pic of another Ebel and my Raymond Weil. I loved the Raymond Weil watch so much I bought a couple of extra straps. This is a great timepiece in the summer months!

  2. Wow! That's beautiful:heart:
  3. Love that Rolex, so simply and classic!
  4. Kat, your watches are all so pretty! I particularly like your Rolex and the Ebel one with the pink dial. So gorgeous!
  5. I can't say enough about Rolex. What a chic watch. I love the style you chose.:yes:
  6. Beautiful rolex watch--congratulations on a fabulous purchase!
  7. Congratulations, they are all gorgeous! I am trying to scope out your ring...what kind of stone is that?
  8. It's a topaz.
  9. beautiful watches! congrats on finding your dream rolex!