Pics of my new Reade PM....I love it!!!!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Well, here are some pics of me wearing my Bronze Reade PM!! I got this for such a deal too ladies....$350!!!! I HAD to get it!! I love it, it is so cute! Just big enough to fit my stuff too! It's 4 inches wide so that helps I think. Well, enjoy the pics!!!
    DSCN0428.jpg DSCN0424.jpg DSCN0426.jpg
  2. bronze is amazing. i love it! its in great condition!
  3. I love the bag and the color is TDF..
  4. Oh pretty!!
  5. what a beauty, love the color
  6. GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  7. Beautiful! that color is so awesome and the reade pm is general is awesome as well :smile:
  8. Sooo cute :love: Enjoy!
  9. what a beauty! love the colour!! I am thinking about picking one up in the Hazelnut! Enjoy the bag!!
  10. It is gorgeous!! Congrats!
  11. I love it! Congratulations :smile:
  12. Gorgeous!! Great find Traci!
  13. Looked great just sitting for it's pic. but it looks even better on! SOOO CUTE on you. I just love that color.
  14. the color is so unique, congrats! :biggrin:
  15. Beautiful. I love love Bronze
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