Pics of my new purchases!

  1. Here are the real pics of my newest purchases! The Cell Lanyard is going back because I got it as a gift for my SIL but I found out that she DOES NOT LIKE THE LEGACY STRIPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wtf: How can you not like it? :hrmm: Anyway... I'll get her another one, I guess!

    I am also taking back the chocolate gallery tote.. I like the Denim tote better. I might get the smaller brown gallery tote in its place:graucho:

    I'm also on the fence with the agenda... I love the color, but I'm not sure about the turnlock... anyone else have this agenda that wants to chime in and sing it's praises.. or not so good things about it?

    And I love my SKULL!

    Please excuse my "hang around the house clothing"
  2. Love everything. Congrats!
  3. Nice stuff!! I LOVE the skull!!
  4. what size is that tote?
  5. Love all of your items!

    Love the Punch Agenda, especially because of the turn-lock closure!
  6. I love that crossbones keychain!! congrats!
  7. Love :heart:everything, especially the color of the agenda.
  8. That gallery tote IS large...that and the new signature stripe totes...the large size...looked ginormous under my arm. I think you will be happier with the smaller sized tote!

    and I agree - how can anyone not like the legacy stripe?!?!
  9. Love it!!! I love the skull and the agenda... tdf!!! I would never use the agenda or I would buy that... sooo cute!!!! :tup:
  10. Verrry nice
  11. Love your choices...I really love the agenda but the layout just isn't practical for the kinds of things I need to keep up with every week. Otherwise, I'd purchase one in a heartbeat b/c I love the turnlock design and the punch color...
  12. Love your planner!
  13. This one is the large
  14. Love the skull!
  15. I have one of the agendas with the turnlock closure, and really like it. However, when it is laying on my desk it is awkward to write on the left hand side b/c the turnlock doesn't let that side of the agenda lay flat on the desk - it's at an angle. It's a minor annoyance though.