Pics Of My New Perforated Bandeau!!

  1. OK- I had to sneak the Elux box in hubby was home!!!....I put it on my Batignolles Horiz...and poof...its like a new bag! LOVE...LOVE...LOVE!..What do you guys think?
    IMG_0657.jpg IMG_0658.jpg
  2. Jill- that is very lovely. I really like it. It puts a whole new character to the bag! Congrats!
  3. The bag looks so much different.
  4. I love it .. great addition to the bag:love:
  5. Thanks everyone....and yes..It looks amazing with jeans...worn as a belt! so versatile...and inexpensive(105-) for LV!
  6. That's cute!!
  7. I love it! Great purchase!
  8. that's so cute. i want one!
  9. Is that the LV cerises scarf tied around the bag?
  10. Cute.
  11. It's beautiful!
  12. totally cute!!!!!!
  13. I love it!!!
  14. totally cute. i love it. now i want one.
  15. Femina-
    NO- its the new perforated bandeau!
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