Pics of My New Orla Kiely Bag!!!

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  1. So, I needed a sling/messenger bag for traveling to Croatia this summer. I didn't want to bring anything leather as we will be around the ocean and salt water all the time, and I have brothers who will inevitably ask, "Do you have room for this in your purse?" LOL! After much searching (Prada Nylon, Longchamp, Etc.), I came across Orla Kiely. Her sling bag is perfect for my trip! It has a super easy to clean coated canvas on the outside and some really great pockets inside. Can't wait to use it!!

    What do you think?
    IMG_2015.JPG IMG_2016.JPG IMG_2017.JPG
  2. i love this bag! the colors are so rad!
  3. very nice! I actually saw an Orla Kiely store in London! I had no idea they had boutiques!
  4. Loving it!!!
    There's a very 1970s retro vibe going on with it - I think it's very cool, very practical and perfect for summer!!
  5. Very cute! Congrats on your summer trip too!!
  6. I love Orla Kiely...great bag! I agree - a retro 70s vibe makes it especially cool...!
  7. OMG, i love it!! that's my favorite pattern (multicolor stem). it's gorgeous! congrats!!!
  8. Thanks, everyone!
  9. I love your bag! I love orla Kiely prints! I love their umbrellas with the same prints! I Love love Love your bag!
    Have a good trip!
  10. It's very nice ~ makes me want one after viewing its interior! Enjoy it as well as your trip!!
  11. super retro... and super cute! congratulations on an adorable new bag!
  12. I love Orla Kiely, her patterns and colors are so much more interesting and hip than Longchamp. Looks perfect for your trip...bon voyage!
  13. I've got that bag too and have just ordered the multi stem shoulder bag too!!!!
  14. Orla Kiely bags remind me of my favorite quilt fabric designer Amy Butler! :tup:
  15. Congrats! that bag is so cute