Pics of my new Oak LG Muse!!

  1. I was able to snatch it for $680!!!! on NM:yahoo: The size is not too much smaller than OS but I think it still looks much better on me. I think it's a KEEPER:wlae:




    Here is my Orange OS one for size comparison on me:

    YSL Oak Large 008 (Small).jpg YSL Oak Large 011 (Small).jpg YSL Oak Large 009 (Small).jpg YSL 013 (Small).jpg
  2. It is beautiful Congratulations.
  3. Congratulations on your new Oak Muse!! It is gorgeous! And I adore your orange one - it is fabulous and looks great on you!!
  4. Beautiful!! I agree, the larger one looks better on you!!! Congrats!!
  5. Congratulations! I love it. The color is gorgeous, so deep and rich. Looks great on you.
  6. I'm starting to think that this bag is not Large size but XL/OS. I did a forum search on sizes and Lg size is supposed to be smaller than the dimentions of my bag :sad: They are about 17"Wx14"H is it OS size?

    I guess, it seems smaller than the OS Orange Muse, probably because of the darker color.
  7. ^^^Yes, I'm pretty sure that both of the Muses pictured above are the Oversize. (I have one in that size too.)

    An easy way to tell the difference is that on the Large, the three "arms" of the "Y" on the front are basically the same length. On the Oversize, the bottom arm of the "Y" is longer.

    But your new Muse is still lovely and a great deal! Enjoy.
  8. congrats!!
  9. congrats! nice bag for a great price!!!
  10. I thought the bags looked the same size! thanks for clarifying. I love both of them...gorgeous, especially in OS
  11. Congrats!! They look Great!!
  12. They both are gorgy.Congrats.
  13. Gorgeous!
  14. Thanks to all of you for nice comments.:smile: Unfortunately, this bag is going back. I took it for a test drive yesterday and it's just too big for me, I felt like I'm carrying luggage. I am very upset,:crybaby: I love this bag so much but it's just not working for me.
    I will keep looking for Large size though.
  15. what NM??? sold out?? SUCH a great deal!
    love it! and want one badly!
    i didnt think it looked too big!
    good luck!