Pics of my new Mouse Stam Hobo!

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  1. Hi ladies, here are the pics of my new stam hobo in Mouse, I'm in love :love: I had sworn on the last thread that I was going to return it to help finance my new Hudson, but I think this bag suits me so well that I may keep it! But I will have to be on bag ban for a LONG time to rationalize it, omg ladies, I used to be a Coach gal, and my budget is feeling the pinch from my new MJ obsession! I'm thinking that this will be the last bag for at least 6 months, if not longer.

    I can see why this bag isn't as popular as the regular stam and mini stam, I can't imagine it on a woman much smaller than myself (I'm 5'9"), it's just a lot of bag. But it's also really light, even with the chain. Without the chain it's certainly the lightest bag I own. I love the color - as you ladies said, it's a beautiful neutral with a lot of brown, much better than the pics. The leather itself isn't as soft as the calfskin bags, but I do like the finish on the leather. It also really fits in well with my wardrobe. I tend to wear a lot of simple pieces with clean lines, not a lot of embellishment or patterns, so this bag is a nice counterpoint without looking too busy. I took one closeup pic of the bag with my kitty (cat and mouse - get it? :roflmfao: ) and several of me wearing the bag (I'm just about to go to my office for the day, so I'm not made up or anything). I also took a pic of me wearing it with my winter coat, I'm so excited to have found a bag that I think looks really nice with that coat! It's a tough coat to match a bag to, you'll see what I mean if you check out the pics. Anyway, without further ado, the stam hobo!

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  2. Just two more...sorry some of the previous ones were a little dark!

    Ok and question from the other thread...bag.lover, haven't gotten the Hudson yet, but it's in the mail, I'll take pics when it gets here!

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  3. vanojr9!! It's gorgeous!!! And it looks fantastic on you. This is the one you ordered from Bloomies, right? I'm so glad their sale worked out for you after all the confusion. Congrats!!!:yahoo:
  4. Hi - Congrats on you hobo stam. I have the same one in the black version. I'm 5'2" but wear high shoes a lot, but even in flats, I've been told the bag looked great on me. It is a lot of bag! But that's the way I like 'em!
    Loved the photo of your kitty too!!
  5. ^^^Oooh, I'm sure it does La Moda, and this bag in black would be TDF, you should post pics too!
  6. That bag looks fabulous. Love it with your bright coat.
  7. Very pretty on you!Congrats!
  8. That is lovely! The color is so pretty and neutral, and it looks awesome with your blue coat. Great purchase, enjoy it :nuts:
  9. Congrats! Enjoy it!
  10. Beautiful beautiful! I didn't know it was that big...but it doesn't overwhelm you at all. Lovely!! Congrats!
  11. AHHH it's gorgeous. It looks like it hangs a lot like the older stams...How cute with your kitten. Lucky girl..a mouse and a
  12. Love the bag, love the coat, love a fellow MJ lover! The mouse looks amazing...Congrats!! :choochoo:
  13. aww ur kitty matches the stam haha! I love it, looks great! congrats to you..
  14. That bag really works for you! I like it best when you wear it with the chain on your shoulder... and you're kitty is adorable!!
  15. Thanks so much for all the sweet comments, ladies :shame: