Pics of my new Montaigne GM! Is it too big?

  1. DH thinks this bag looks like I'm carrying a luggage. Please give me your honest opinions. Should I keep it or get the ivorie clutch instead? :confused1:



  2. Congrats!!! It did look big on you, but it's a nice bag!
  3. Yes it is big but big bags are good if You are not happy with it take it back but remember your bhubby's not carrying it. I like it especially the smille face
  4. Congratulations it is on the bigger side but if you like it then keep it.
  5. I love it and no it's not too big. :heart:
  6. It is big - I prefer the sac which I'm thinking of buying in black. If you don't love the bag then return it, you won't be happy and it's a lot of money!
  7. I personally think its too big for your petite frame, but I also think that you could rock it despite that.
  8. It is beautiful! It looks good on your shoulder, but the size looks awkward on your arm.....almost looks like it is very heavy.
  9. It's a very beautiful bag. It's big but I don't see anything wrong with it. It all depends on if you're comfortable wearing it. Have you tried the Montaigne Bowling bag? It's little smaller than that one but it's practically the same style. Some tPFers here have it in ivoire and it's soooo gorgeous.
  10. It does look a little big for your petite frame, but I still like it. It's a gorgeous bag! If I saw you out, I wouldn't, that bag is too big for her....I'd think... wow, what an amazing bag! Did you check out/try the pm? I think that might suit your size better if you're having second thoughts. Congrats anyway!
  11. It's a just a little big, but if you like it, keep it!
  12. It looks big on you but I love big bags!!! So it looks awesome!!!! It actually makes you appear smaller at least thats the logic I use when I wear my big bags!!!!
  13. if this is your only big bag - keep it.

    if you are uncomfortable with big - get something else.

    I thought the ManhattanGM was big when I got it, and now it is something I have just grown accustomed to. I do not overload it, so I keep it light, but it is a great statement bag.

    ps: that is gorgeous, I am going to go to my boutique and try it if they have it.
  14. Congrats!
  15. i love it on you! i have the montaigne bowling gm in ivorie and it's perfect i think. it's meant to be a big bag. love it!!