Pics of my new MJ Hudson bag!!!

  1. OHHHHHH this bag is TO DIE FOR! Picked mine up (in Chili) today at Nordstrom. Took a few pics. I'd describe it as the color of chili in the bowl... that brownish red... NOT the color of chili beans. You really have to get it under the light to see the red. Maybe mahogany would be a good term for it? The main compartment is teal (!!!) inside. The other two compartments are a rich tan cotton/canvas. Side view reminds me a bit of the Blake bag, but this bag is larger. Hard to get a shot without the flash reflecting too much, so I took a few from different angles. FYI... just FIVE Hudsons left in the company, per my SA... so hop on them, if you want one!
    Hudson Chili bag.JPG DCP_2304.JPG DCP_2305.JPG DCP_2306.JPG DCP_2307.JPG DCP_2313.JPG DCP_2309.JPG DCP_2310.JPG DCP_2311.JPG DCP_2312.JPG
  2. P.S. I was able to fit the bag over my shoulder (and I'm 5'9"), but barely... think it's better as a hand-held. Those of you more petite than I may find you can comfortably carry it on the shoulder.
  3. Which Nordies was this?!?! It looks beautiful!

    Can you carry this on your shoulders?

    Congrats!!!! Enjoy the bag.
  4. Nordstrom MacArthur Center in Norfolk, VA. But they had to special order it. Call SA Victoria at 757-314-1111 and ask for her if you want one... she knows which store had them. She said it was the main Seattle store, but that the store number wasn't theirs... so when she called to have it sent in, they told her it was a web store within their store or something... but just this morning she looked on the computer while I was there, and there were just five left. She said everyone is scrambling to get this bag. Tysons didn't get any. I think she said Pentagon City didn't get any... for SURE she said this will be the in-demand bag that will disappear fast!
  5. WOW! So glad i ordered mine for Friday!LOL!

    AMAZING..what is the leather like..shiny?
  6. Not like patent... but sort of shiny. It isn't icky obnoxious shiny, though. And it's SOFT and not stiff. Definitely structured, but not in a hard way. Does that make sense? If you could have seen the commotion in the bag dept. when I picked it up today, you'd have thought Jennifer Aniston had just arrived. ALL the SAs were going nuts, the store manager apparently saw the bag and now wants one for herself, and they took that pic of me wearing the bag before I left... crazy! It was like paparazzi!
  7. Congrats on your Hudson bag! It's purdy!
  8. ok..put it on yer shoulder and take a pic..LMAO....

    PS- did you see the big bowler too?
  9. WOW!!!!! Congrats on snagging that bag, it's STUNNING!
  10. Oh, how much fun was that!! Your a rock star :jammin: , and you got to take the bag beauty home with you!!
  11. Did see the Large Bowler, just forgot to take pics, I was so enthralled with Hudson. :sad: Did get measurements... 14 x 10 x 6. It is BIG... and seems bigger due to the fact you can't carry it over the shoulder.
  12. ^ya think its too big? Did you get one?
  13. That is a beautiful bag. Congrats on your new baby! Is there any type of magnetic closure or anything for the center part?

    It has recently been added to BG online, although just in the chestnut and dark brown.
  14. My large black bowler is being shipped Friday, and I'll make a decision... but I am afraid it's too big, yes. If it could be worn on the shoulder it would be fine, but by hand... GIGANTIC. So we'll see, once I take the stuffing out and try it with my stuff in it.
  15. cs06, to answer your question, no... the center part doesn't have any closure mechanism.