Pics of my new miu miu smoke grey bag, need opinions please . . .

  1. miu miu smoke grey 1.jpg miu miu smoke grey 2.jpg
  2. lina, I like this style. I tried it on in the brown at Bob Ellis a couple of weeks ago. I think you wear it well.

    Congrats!!! I think it's a keeper.
  3. of course it's a yay..and smoke grey is the color for the fall...congrats on your bag
  4. I love it! May I ask where you got it?
  5. I love love love it!:heart:
  6. I think it's gorgeous. For my needs, it would be too small but if the size works for you keep it, it's really beautiful.
  7. I'd say that you should keep looking until you find a gray bag that makes your jaw drop to the floor! If I were as young as you, I'd be looking for something edgy... maybe even something in metallic pewter!
  8. I love this bag! I once had it in the brown (had to let it go, but only because it was a tad bit small for my needs), and got tons of compliments. I think you wear it well.
  9. I think it's lovely. I have the bow satchel in the gray and I love the colour. I'm 25 and this is one of the other miu miu bags that I really like also.
  10. Great color! :tup:
  11. I'm not sure what being Asian has to do with it or your age for that matter. :shrugs:

    The question should be: Do you LOVE it? If not, then send it back. If you need to talk yourself into it just because of the price, then that tells me you don't love it.
  12. I agree with PP. If you meet THE bag, you'll know that's the one ;)

    I think the bag looks good on you but I'm not crazy about the style either. If you love the colour, why not take a look at the others? Its a fall/winter colour so there are tons of bags in this gray.
  13. I think it's very pretty!!!!
  14. I think it is a very nice style, but you seem to have some hesitation, and that usually means that it's not true bag love.
  15. I think it is so gorgeous! KEEPER