Pics of my new Miu Miu Shoes

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  1. These shoes are beautiful, I kept puttting them off and finally gave in.

    pictures march 31 123.jpg

    pictures march 31 124.jpg
  2. Congrats, those heels are beautiful :tup: If They're Miu Mius they'll be comfy too....
  3. I'm so jealous. They're a cute & fabulous heel, but the carving is not quite my style (but I do love fabulous shoes). I finally took the plunge to spend more than $250 on a pair of shoe - Miu Miu jewelled heel brogues. They came today and the moulded heel is chipped and the shoe liner is coming out on one side. I'm not quite ready to cry, there'll be other shoes just as lovely that do work out, but still, $500 on sale & I wanted them to be perfect. I just emailed Net-A-Porter. I'll just have to keep looking & hope I fall in love with another one sometime.

    Hope you get lots of summer raves on those lovelies.:tup:
  4. ^^ I'm sorry to hear that about your shoes, Net-A-Porter is usually pretty good with fixing problems to my experience with them. Thank you and good luck in finding what you want.:yes:
  5. congrats..they are beautiful...
  6. those are indeed pretty
  7. Your shoes are really cute.
  8. congrats, i've ever seen them IRL so please post model pics!!
  9. nice!
  10. wow, those are some serious heels!
  11. Congrats
  12. Those heels are GORGEOUS - and what a darling look from the back - lol

  13. SOOO cute!
  14. I've been checking out those too, but I think I'll end up with pair of Louboutins or Barbara Buis. Those are fabulous though!
  15. cute cute cute...