*PICS* of my new midnight ursula!

  1. i received my new midnight ursula large bowler this morning; its absolutely gorgeous. im in love :smile:

    i also included a picture of whats inside the bag.
    - bebe aviator sunnies
    - mj black leather clutch wallet
    - vintage gucci keyholder
    - pink razr
    - marlboro lights
    - miss marc cosmetic bag
    - stickers (cliffs tattoo); my job!
    - weight watchers journal (i lost 20 pounds!)
    - digital camera
    - issey miyake body lotion

    thanks again forefinal :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    Photo 427.jpg Photo 433.jpg Photo 438.jpg Photo 439.jpg
  2. :yahoo:congratuations!!! You will LOVE her, I'm sure!!
  3. Congrats~! she is gorgeous~~ :drool::heart: you look great with her too. and, love your zip clutch and miss marc cosmetic pouch ! miss marc is so darn adorable!
  4. Wow! It's beautiful!! :love: Congrats!
  5. OMG - she is GORGEOUS! And looks GREAT on you too! Wow, that color is amazing. Congrats!
  6. That is my favorite color in the ursula line! You look fantastic!
  7. YAY! A midnight sister! Isn't the color DIVINE? I fell in love with it instantly and am constantly trying to find ways to wear it everyday, haha! Congrats on the awesome weight loss, btw!
  8. Fantastic bag, looks greats on you, love the dark blue. I have the same phone ....... and cigs :sad:
  9. both you and the bag look gorgeous... yay!
  10. Oh my gosh that is sooo beautiful!!! :love: Congrats on your new bowler and for your weight loss!! How exciting!:yahoo:
  11. WOW! I really like this bag... :heart:
  12. beautiful...where did u get it? i love the color and everything!
  13. i got her off of eBay bnwt from another tpf member, forefinal :smile:
  14. the color is great! as soon as i took her out of the dustbag, i was like OMG. ill be using her everyday, even if my clothes don't match! and thanks for the weight loss congrats; ive got another 24 pounds to lose until i reach my goal! :smile:
  15. Lovely!!! I love that color in the Ursula, it looks great on you! Congrats!