Pics of my new medium/large black patent betty

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  1. Here at last are the pics of my gorgeous medium/large betty that I have lusted over for what seems like forever! She arrived a few days ago and is beautiful. :love: Only thing is that the metal 'popper' that has the little purse attached to seems to be a brown tone colour instead of gold? I have tried to photo it as best I could, so opinions would be welcome. Anyone else had this problem?
    Large betty 1.jpg large betty 2.jpg large betty 3.jpg large betty 4.jpg
  2. Chloe S it looks amazing!

    Well done, she is absolutely gorgeous and not a difference in patent anywhere this time!!

    See what you mean about the popper thing, hardly noticeable and I wouldn't let it spoil your fun with this gorgeous baby!

    Congrats again
  3. Beautiful bag - I love the black patent Bettys. I have one myself and it is a favorite. Congrats on finally getting yours.
  4. pretty!
  5. ooooh its lovely :heart:

    really gorgeous, so glad this one is better, it all came right in the end :biggrin:
  6. Congrats :yahoo: she is beautiful!
  7. I'm so jealous! I really want that bag! Congrats!
  8. ....Beautiful, congrats! Patent leather looks so divine in bettys!:love:
  9. Congrats, it is gorgeous! Love the patent leather, just love that betty style!
  10. Gorgeous bag! I love the patent Bettys!
  11. Pretty! Very chic and looks durable!