Pics of my new Mandarin Epi Jasmin! (finally)

  1. So here's my bag that I finally got from ELux after all the freaking LV drama last weekend in Chevy Chase. It was all drama right up to the end, because FedEx was looking like they were trying to deliver it to the wrong address, and they wouldn't let me just go pick it up at the delivery center (grrr).

    I must say, though, that it was all worth it, and these pics show why. (The strap was what I already had bought before to use with the dearly departed stinky Speedy.)
    DSC_3996.JPG DSC_3998.JPG DSC_4000.JPG
  2. Stunning! Enjoy it.
  3. Wow, that is absolutely beautiful.
  4. Preetttyy!
  5. Oooooooo...that's gorgeous. Enjoy.
  6. omg breathtaking!!! You're going to love it!!
  7. Oooooo - she's gorgeous! Congratulations!!
  8. i've got that bag in red with the strap and i've never used the strap....can't figure out how to do it with it looking good. I'd love to see some pics of you wearing the bag with the strap to get some ideas
  9. I just wear it like any other shoulder bag. I played with the settings on the strap and ended up with the buckle right at the center hole, where there are three above and three below. But I'm kinda tall (not quite 5'9") so I can wear it longer than some.
  10. It worths all the hassles you went through..simply stunning !!! Congrats !!
  11. Love it!!!! Gorgeous color and I like the longer strap. Gives you more options. :biggrin:
  12. It's beautiful! Congrats! I'm glad you've got it after all the trouble you had last week:yes: .
  13. do you wear it across your shoulders or just on the one side?? Also, do you find it looks awkward? Because when you wear it with teh strap, the handles appear lopsided...i don't know.
  14. So pretty...
  15. Congrats!!!! So glad you got it after all you went through!!