Pics of my new LV loot!!!!

  1. Here are some cute little items I picked up last week!! I love the cles- it's the perfect size to fit extra cc's in or some money! The bracelet is awesome looking IRL. And the pen is the marshmellow color.

    Just a tip about the inclusion bracelets-- I have small arms and the PM bracelet looks ok on me, but it is kind of thin, I would recommend if your gonna spend the money, get the bigger one!!

    Enjoy pics!
    DSCN0338.jpg DSCN0339.jpg DSCN0340.jpg
  2. You picked up some beautiful items. I'm loving the Inclusion bracelet! So gorgeous. Congratulations!
  3. Love the bracelet!! I just got the key chain, its too cute!! Enjoy your new loot!
  4. Congrats on all your new stuff! I desperately want a Cerises cles, and I'm really loving the inclusion bracelets.
  5. woohooo! great stuff!

    i've way too small wrists to pull off the bracelet :sad: .. its gorgeous!
  6. gorgeous inclusion bracelet!!!

    I've been wanting one but didn't know how to wear looks awesome on you tho...u are rite, it's better that you got the PM
  7. GORGEOUS!!!:love: I saw those bracelets IRL and they are just STUNNING!!!
  8. Very cute, I love the cerises cles !
  9. I love the Inclusion bracelet!! Congrats!!
  10. I love your new loot! Especially the bracelet! congrats!
  11. What color is your bracelet?? Is that the yellow or the creme?
    Very nice!
  12. Yay! I love the bracelet, it's beautiful :heart: Congrats on more LV loot :P

  13. Thank you all ladies!! The bracelet is the beige color. :smile:
  14. Congrats from a newcomer! :heart: I've got same bracelet, but bit wider and hair pin and ring, all beige color. They look fantastic together ;)
  15. All your new goodies are beautiful! I especially love the inclusion bracelet. Enjoy!! :yes: