***PICS*** of my new lovely!

  1. Seriously, I can't help myself. I went down to the store yesterday just to take a look, BUT THEN I FELL IN LOVE! This is one of my favorite bags by far! I love how it holds my stuff, I love how it's structured yet smooshy, I love how comfortable it is! I highly recommend it to anyone considering it!

    (p.s. I know I'm on a ban, but it was a present to myself for getting accepted to the internship I applied to! Hurray!)
    IMG_5064.JPG IMG_5065.JPG IMG_5066.JPG IMG_5070.JPG IMG_5071.JPG
  2. a couple more....
    IMG_5067.JPG IMG_5068.JPG IMG_5069.JPG
  3. great bag.. congrats!!
  4. I LOVE IT! And it's soo organized inside! I was thinking about the pm, but my mom is going to get one (so I'll just borrow it sometimes :angel: lol)

    Congrats on your internship!
  5. thanks! I absolutely love all the pockets inside! 1 isn't enough haha....
  6. Congrats!!
  7. Awesome buy.. Congrat's
  8. Congrats on the bag AND the internship!
  9. is that the GM? also what was the price? thanks..looks cute...I think I need it.LOL
  10. Nice Kimalee [=
  11. Congrats !! It looks so nice on you :smile:
  12. if I can afford the price,i sure will consider this one!:tup:
  13. Congrats!!!!
  14. Congrats Kimalee! I love it too....she's on my wishlist!
  15. its was $1190 without tax. Totally worth it! :tup: