PICS of my new little cutie..... so soft

  1. This is my newest addition. It wasn't planned, but I saw it on eBay and my finger just hit BIN. It's an '03 with pewter hw clutch/makeup bag. I'm going to use it for a makeup bag since I figured being black, it would look great with all of my neutrals. It's not a big or brightly colored but you should feel the leather. Sheer perfection, like silk. May I should just fondle it daily and not use it. :p

  2. Very nice, I can even see how nice the leather is from your pictures!
  3. ^^ awe, it's adorable pp, congrats!!! :love:

    p.s. i love the photo of her in the pink flowers
  4. love it. congrats!
  5. so sweet! love it, congrats!
  6. ah ha, so that's where that little cutie went! i blinked and it was gone in a flash - at least it went to another obsessed tPFer!! congrats and enjoy PP :yes:
  7. wow that's beautiful congrats on your rare find!
  8. So Cute! Congratulations Powder! Love the photos with the flowers- your pics are always so elegant and professional!
  9. That's adorable. Congrats.
  10. really nice! yummy leather!
  11. great addition and a rare find! congrats powder!
  12. Congrats PP! I'm so glad you got this baby! Black w/ pewter is perfection, now you just need a bag to match. Is this your first or only MU? I just got two of them. I love em, they're so cute and the perfect size to put inside your bag or just carry alone.......certainly not as special as an 03 black, but very cute.
  13. Lovely! I miss all the good stuff on eBay!
  14. WOW :nuts: it's such a sweet little cutie, so GORGEOUS and a rare find :tup::yahoo:! CONGRATS dear 'M' powder.... :flowers: I'm so happy for you :love::heart:

  15. Thank you girls! One of my friends sent me a link to a bag to ask me what I thought of it, that little gem popped up in the newly listed and it looked so pretty my fingers hit BIN immediately. :smile: It's my first Balenciaga MU. I usually use my LV because it's indestructible. The leather is so incredible on this I don't know if I can put my makeup in it. Best leather since my white with pewter that I sold. That is the one that I regret and it still haunts me. The leather was so silky, so soft. I still miss it and it's been several months.:crybaby:Nothing like that early leather, why oh why can't they do '03-05 leather again? '05 is nice but I still think the '03 and '04 is far better as far as softness.:love: