Pics of my new Legacy Leather Slim Flap

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  1. I've finally been able to bring out my new goodies...when my husband asked if it was a new bag, I gave him the "What, you mean this old thing" line. In addition to the purse, I also got the matching wristlet and Slim Envelope wallet:
    100_0079.JPG 100_0081.JPG 100_0082.JPG 100_0083.JPG 100_0080.JPG
  2. SHUT UP!
    that is TDF! GORG bag!
  3. Wow it's lovely! God I love their white *makes out with it*
  4. Wow, beautiful bag. I'm thinking about this bag. What is the length measurement at the bottom of the bag?
    Enjoy your new baby. :smile:
  5. :woohoo: That is spectacular! I love the look of the wristlet. Curses, so many Legacy choices.
  6. Wow. I love it I love it!
  7. Awesome choice. I really like the white. I do that to my dad all the time, he only sees the shopping bag he doesn't know what is inside. He only knows it's from Coach. ;)
  8. so pretty!! congrats!
  9. Is this bag the one that is called the hippie ?
  10. That is really pretty in white.. and all of your pieces. Strikingly beautiful. Is that the larger Ali or the slimer 10327 flap which is only two inches thick and 10 x 13 in dimension? I still have, yes I still have the whiskey in the slim flap and the french wallet...cannot seem to part with it. lol lol. I just like to look at it, but the white is TDF!!!! Congrats!!!! they are coming out with the canvas brown and white and blue in the legacy for summer and also the chocolate c's legacy in cotton Carly...CURSES, CURSES....
  11. Ok, I've got to have that bag! Beautiful, thanks for sharing.
  12. AHAHAHA... TOO FUNNY... :roflmfao:

    That's how I feel about the legacy line too... hehe :yes:
  13. ^ ESPECIALLY the white...
  14. puuuuuuuuuuuurdy!!!
  15. I need to get my own legacy bag so I can get some of that lovin'.