pics of my new leather pashmy bag

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  1. I had seen pics of a couple of your leather pashmy bags and wanted one. I finally found one that suits me last weekend. I'm a bit late to the party but here are a couple of pics of my plum colored pashmy hobo.

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  2. one more pic
    color is really quite neutral...very similar to Marc Jacobs dark plum

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  3. Beautiful bag. I want one! I haven't seen the pashmy bags in leather. Did you purchase that at a boutique?
  4. sdkitty, congratulation! Your new bag has such a fantastic colour! I love it - exactly my taste.

    How long is the strap?
  5. thanks Melora and Hogancollector. I got it at outlet center in Primm. I haven't measured the strap but it hangs comfortably from shoulder and can adjust to be crossbody. There are pics on here of Rene Zellwiger and Halle Berry wearing this bag in nylon crossbody style. I prefer shorter hang, esp for a large bag.
    This leather is so light it's comparable to the nylon ones.
  6. Adjustable to wear it crossbody? Better and better. :tup:

    Then it is the large version?

    I never saw this style in leather - only the pashmy bauletto.
  7. I think it's the medium size but it's quite large for me...measures approx 11 X 15
  8. really nice bag! congrats
  9. nice
  10. OHHHHH, very pretty! Looks like the outlets are getting some nice stuff!!
  11. That is quite a beautiful bag
  12. thanks Liselle, Santha, Gerry & Dr Spock!