PICS of my NEW LARGE Gucci Hasler HOBO In White Leather

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  1. i looooove it with the navy blue skirt/dress! i think you can pull it off!
  2. it is big!! i think its really pretty but maybe more of a daytime bag then an evening thing, it looks beautiful with the navy color of your beautiful dress, but if it were like an out to dinner thing i think it is a bit overpowering, so maybe use it more casually? it is beautiful thoo! and what a steal!
  3. It's very elegant! I myself am a fan of slightly oversized bags. I think once the leather is broken in a little it might become more shapely and more hobo-ish (a good thing IMHO). In any case, I think it's great! And you look so pretty too :yes:

  4. awww, thanks so much. I'm still on the fence about it. I'll let you know what i decide!

  5. I think it's Gorgeous-and I liked the headband touch.

    I'm not a big fan of big bags, but I like big cheap bags to lug around everyday stuff. but like others said, if it's a daytime event, I so would go with this bag.Plus, I would think you could use this bag for a long time.
  6. i like it on u alot!
  7. Looove it , especially with spring/summer coming up!!
    White doesn't look as appealing in the winter,everything is to drab!
    Once it warms up, I can't wait to use my white bags and start wearing lighter colors!
  8. i think it looks great on you! and for that price, it's a steal!
  9. I like it. Great find!
  10. It's darling on you. I think you can pull it off even wearing jeans. Great steal too!
  11. Gorgeous bag. Great for s/s. Congratulations.
  12. Wow, it's a beautiful bag. I so want a white bag this year.

  13. Congratulations.
  14. I think it's a great spring summer bag!