Pics of my new large bowler in metalic black and red luxe oversize tote

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  1. I went to exchange the black oversize Luxe tote to a red color since I just got my large metallic black bowler yesterday. I took pics of me wearing them without flash since flash makes the pics have bad reflection in the mirrow. And I also took a pic of how many stuff I put in the bowler with me today.:graucho:
    IMG_0221.JPG IMG_0225.JPG IMG_0226.JPG IMG_0227.JPG
  2. Love them both - great choices! Congrats!!!
  3. OMG!! LOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEE that red oversize luxe tote! Looks Gorgeous!!! :love:
  4. yay, you found your bowler!! congrats!
  5. beautiful!!!
  6. Gorgeous Chloe-Concord!! I adore the Luxe line. It is worth every penny spent! Both bags look fabulous, but you know how partial I am to the bowler...
  7. Ooooohh! I love I love!!!!!! I think the lux line is my favorite!
  8. EXACTLY!!!! I love the bags, you have such great taste! Congrats!!

    Edit: Chloe do you mind sharing the cost of these beauties ?
  9. Roey, I do think Luxe line is the best line in Chanel. Bowler is more sophisticate than oversize tote. I do love both,in a different way though. I exchange that black tote for a red one since I dont want to have two black luxe bags and red color is hot in this winter.:yahoo:

    You should get a metalic bowler....I am so bad...:graucho:
  10. The large bowler is $2460.00 before tax, the oversize tote is $2545 before tax.Both are fromn 06 S/S line.
  11. I called Saks today... they are working on it! I'm half hoping they don't find me one since I don't really need it. I have never seen the black metallic goatskin IRL and this is an urge I need to satisfy. I thought having the black metallic flap would satisfy the craving but it hasn't.

    Red looks great in the tote style! You made a wise decision returning the black for the red, and the color really pops in that size!
  12. Great bags, congrats!
  13. They're both fantastic choices, and I agree with PGN, the bags from the luxe ligne are my favorites :tender: .
  14. Those are both gorgeous bags! I am loving the red tote! Wow!
  15. I love the bowler in metallic black! It is on my wishlist so I love seeing your pics