Pics Of My New Kristen Rouched Hobo

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  1. #1 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    Here is Some Pictures of my Navy kristen Rouched Hobo The Pictures came out kind of dark its allready kind of dark here and the flash still made it dark. but it is a navy blue not black the lining is light blue and the measurements are differnt then Jax said. It is 18" across if you count the 2 side pockets but the measurements of the bag is 16Lx12H its about the size of the large Zoe or carly.
    I just received the large kristen hobo in yellow and this bag is a little wider because of the pockets but overall its no as large as the large kristen Hobo. Also the drawstring hobo has a snap closer instead of a zipper that is on the large kristen hobo. I hope this helps you get a idea what size it is the leather is very soft !




  2. ^^ YAY!!!! You got it!!! LOVE IT!!! Do you LOVE it MaryG??!!! I'd love to see some modeling shots too..when you get a chance... :yahoo:
  3. wow, that's really beautiful!
  4. #4 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    Here is some pics comparing the drawstring hobo to the large yellow Kristen Hobo The measurements I get 16Lx15H on the large kristen Hobo.


  5. LOVE IT! I love how different it is. Me likey!
  6. super cute!
  7. It is quite different and BEAUTIFUL. Modeling shots would be appreciated if you can! I am excited....I "need" a navy bag!
  8. That is a very pretty bag- and the navy makes it more unique. It looks both modern and classic. Congrats!
  9. Very pretty!! Thanks for taking some quick pics for us!
  10. That bag is so lovely. I just adore the navy color and all the detailing with the pleats. How does it feel on your shoulder? Is the drop long enough to wear with a jacket or coat? Congratulations on your two new beauties.
  11. congrats!!!

  12. I need to post modeling pics I hope to get some up this weekend the drop is great! it fits nicely on my shoulder even with a coat I think the drop is a least 10" because the handbag slouchs a lot!
  13. Love it!!! cant wait to have one!!!
  14. I want it so bad!!! :yes: It is such a pretty bag. Congrats. Would love modeling pictures too. It looks like it is soft to, which is nice.
  15. OMG, Mary, that is so beautiful!!! I LOVE it!!! CONGRATS!!! Hey, are the bottom rings gunmetal or black?? They look darker or is that just the pic?? It is really pretty...I like this one a lot more than the regular hobo. I hope they make more colors in this style! Ack, I didn't want to buy too many fp bags...who am I kidding?? :lol: This is definitely added to my list! CONGRATS AGAIN!!!