pics of my new j12

  1. hi girlies,

    i'm finally posting pics of my new j12. i just want to say thanks to everyone who shared their opinions on my "tough" decision between the j12 and the black jumbo flap. i think i made the right decision. i love my j12. i've been wearing it everyday. hope you enjoy the pics!


    p.s. i'm still getting myself the black jumbo flap before the price increase *heehee*
    j12 with box.jpg j12 close-up.jpg j12 on wrist.jpg
  2. It is gorgeous and looks beautiful on you! Enjoy! Good thinking on getting the jumbo flap, too! (wink)
  3. it looks gorgeous as always
  4. Oooh, such pretty packaging too.
  5. Absolutely beautiful! Congrats on that amazing buy!
  6. Gorgeous watch! Congrats :tup:
  7. Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on your new beauty!
  8. OMG gorgeous, I have to have one. do you mind me asking the price? gotta know if I can afford that stunning watch. Congrats!
  9. what's the size of your J12? beautiful!!! i just dont know which size to buy if ever... im here in the Philippines and will only ask a friend from there to buy for me.. whew
  10. That's so HOT!!
  11. Congrats!! J12 looks gorgeous on u!! :girlsigh:
  12. the price for the 33mm with diamond markers is $4650. i got mine in hawaii where the price is lower ($4250). the sales associates are saying that the j12 prices will go up on september 28th though. i think the price increase will be around $300 - $500.
  13. it's the 33mm size. my wrists are pretty small, so i didn't want to get something really big. you should definitely get a j12. you won't regret it!
  14. Congrats on your new J12!!! I heard the price is goin up on 18/9:push:?!
  15. Congrats! It's GORGEOUS on you!