Pics of my new hair cut!

  1. I posted a week ago about getting my hair cut short!!!

    I finally had a chance to post the pic...its not the greatest pic because my boyfriend took it with his phone!

    Ill show a before and after!!!!

    (the before pic is silly because i tried to take one myself with my camera and i started to drop the camera as i was taking the dont mind my face haha)!!!
    long hair.jpg morimoto.jpg
  2. I love it! You look fantastic!
  3. Oooh, I really love it. It's so sleek! :tup:
  4. thanks!!!! im getting is colored roots are like 3 inches grown out
  5. Love it too! Whats your bf think of it? You know how guys are when we cut our hair, LOL
  6. he loves it...he actually likes my hair short rather than long!
  7. wow - super cute. it really shows off your pretty face!!
  8. Youl look so beautiful. You did before with the longer hair but this brings out your face and gives you that model look. Do you find it easier to take care of or is is harder to get it in that perfect straight look? This would be my perfect hair cut to have but I do not have the patience to grow out my short pixie cut......each time I try to grow it out something happens (like asking for a trim and getting a hunk of hair cut off).....
    How are you going to get it colored????:tup:
  9. thanks!!! its honestly so much easier this way....i wash it every other day and the night i wash it i blow dry it and just go to bed and then in the morning i straighten then ends and the back or any where it needs to be takes about 5 to 10 mins!!! with my long hair i would have to straighten so much more and it always looked ratty and messy!
    you should try growing it out!!!!! i used to wear my hair shorter than this for years and growing it out was always the would get to a point where i would just freak out and cut it off again!

    i think im just going to do some hilites and lowlights my hair is too light from the summer!
  10. Oh I love it! Great hair style!!! Kudos!
  11. I love it!!! I think it looks so great on you! :tup:
  12. It looks great!! You have gorgeous hair!! Great change!!
  13. Love the new haircut!
  14. It looks really nice :tup::smile:
  15. Beautiful!!! It really suits you well!